Environmental Policy

World Valve Co., Ltd. is committed to supporting the environment as much as possible and to supply products that help protect nature, not further damage it.

Climate change is real and we accept we have a role to play in turning the tide. If left unchecked , climate change will cause massive irreversible damage to the planet. We join all industries that are adapting their operations and acknowledge that our planet comes first. World Valve Co., Ltd. is committed to being as environmentally sensitive throughout the whole business cycle as possible. From the design stage to product delivery, World Valve Co., Ltd. focuses on keeping the environment at the forefront of all we do.

The 4 Main Pillars of World Valve Co., Ltd. – “PSMR”

P (Production) Production Proposal of newly developed and environmentally friendly products
S (Sales) Sales Delivering a stable supply chain with competitive prices
M (Maintenance) Maintenance Services Delivering support for products and services to maintain safe operation at all times.
R (Recycle) Recycling Services We commit to protecting the environment throughout the whole product cycle. From securing raw resources to the recycling of the product at the appropriate time.