At World Valve Co., Ltd. our primary market is the shipbuilding industry but these valves can also be used in other industries including manufacturing plants.

Below are the different valves that World Valve Co., Ltd. offers:

Valve Types

NameCatalogueLR Certificate
Eccentric Disk SeatedEccentric Disc Seated Butterfly ValveLR BCFCSCF
Double EccentricDouble Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Triple EccentricTriple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
CryogenicCryogenic Butterfly Valve
High PerformanceHigh Performance Butterfly Valve

NameCatalogueLR Certificate
Gate and Globe ValveGlobe Valve
Ball Valve Ball ValveLR Ball Valve
Dual Disc Wafer Check ValvesDual Disc Wafer Check Valve
Hose ValveHose Valve
Emergency Shut-off ValveEmergency Cut Off Valve

NameCatalogueLR Certificate
General Valves
For Marine Use
World Valve CatalogueLR BCFCSCSF
LR Certified BC FC
SC SF Valves
LR Certified Shut off Valve
LR BC Oil discharge Valve
LR BC Oil Discharge Valve
LR Certified BC,
FC Cock
Remote Control Valve SystemRemote Control Valve
Air Vent HeadAir Vent Head
Reducing ValveReducing Valve
Air Vacuum Relief ValveAir Vacuum Relief Valve
Damper ValvesDamper Valve
Relief Valves/Safety ValvesRelief Valve/ Safety Valve
Reducing ValveReducing Valves
High Temperature,
High Pressure Valves,
Forged Steel Valves,
Stainless Steel Valves,
Duplex Stainless Steel Valve,
Titanium Valve,
Nickel Valve,
Other Speciality Valves
World Valve Catalogue