Other Products and Services

World Valve Co., Ltd. offers a range of products from air vents, nozzles, heaters, and bolts. We also offer services such as after service maintenance and onsite assistance.

Below are catalogues of all other products:

Product Type Catalogue
Air-conditioning piping, Water feed, and Drainage system Construction_of_Air-Conditioning_Piping,_Water_Feed,_and_Drainage_System
Air tank Air Tank
Heating Coil Heating Coil
Fire Hose, Nozzle (World Standard) Fire Hose/Nozzle (World Standard)
Dresser coupling Dresser Coupling
Fuel oil heater (Flat Heater) Fuel Oil Heater/Flat Heater
Pipe Unit Fabrication Pipe Unit Fabrication
Common/Special Nuts and Bolts Common Special Nuts and Bolts
Flexible Coupling Flexible Coupling